Privacy Policy

During the term of this contract, DEDALIUM undertakes to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, regulatory requirements and codes of conduct in relation to the protection of personal data including, among others, the applicable privacy laws in the country or countries where personal data is found, collected, retained or otherwise processed, including, among others, the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data and its processing, as well as its transfer and transfer as indicated below.


The User and/or Subscriber, unless otherwise stated communicated to DEDALIUM via email, authorize the latter to collect, process and store the following data:

Data to be collected

As part of these general conditions, DEDALIUM may collect the following data from and through the electronic page / personalized virtual space: a) Identification data: title, name, surname, language and country, national identity document and / or passport, email address, postal address and telephone number. These data are mandatory for the provision of services offered by DEDALIUM to Subscriber. b) Payment data: bank details (in this regard, we inform you that all payment transactions are encrypted by the receiving bank and that we do not keep any credit card number): These data are mandatory for the provision of the services offered by DEDALIUM to Subscriber; c) Login details (such as your username and password) and browsing data; d) Commercial data as preferences.

DEDALIUM does not process any personal data regarding racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union affiliation and / or information related to the health or sexual life of the User and/or Subscriber in accordance to the applicable legislation. DEDALIUM indicates that except when stipulated by the corresponding legislation or in the cases listed below, it will not transfer personal data to third parties.


Subject to the User's consent, DEDALIUM uses cookies and other similar technologies to facilitate the User's navigation on the Platform by adapting it to the User's equipment or search engine. Cookies allow the collection of different types of data: - usage details that allow DEDALIUM to analyze how users use the platform; - technical data: IP address, search engine, location and time zone, browser plug-in, operating system, device used to log in; e e - information about the visits of the User and/ or Subscriber, including URL addresses and their navigation, the response time of the page, download errors, etc. Purposes of data processing: The personal data to be collected outlined above, can be processed for the following purposes: - Manage registration on the website: to gain access to the functions of the, the User must register to create the Subscriber Account and; - Manage a subscription: the processing data is particularly necessary to process the payment / collection of the contracted services and to have access to the support and assistance service; - Improvement of the services offered by DEDALIUM: DEDALIUM processes the user and/or subscriber browsing and subscription data for analysis and statistics in order to improve its ergonomics and quality; and - Marketing: as part of the subscription to the DEDALIUM newsletter, it processes the Users' data to send them specific information by email The User and/or Subscriber give their consent for the processing of their data for marketing purposes and may revoke it at any time. Legal reasons The processing of personal data of the User and/or Subscriber may have different legal bases depending on which cases, such as the subscription, the processing of payment, access to services, etc. Recipient processor As part of the use of the website, and in compliance with the corresponding legislation regarding the prevention of terrorism, money laundering (AML) and knowledge of customers (KYC), DEDALIUM Solutions may share all and / or some data personal with some third parties that indicate, by way of illustration, below: - Financial institutions for processing of charges and payments for services. - prevention and detection of fraudulent natural and legal persons to verify their identity and credit conditions before the corresponding financial entities. - IT providers (PCI compliance) to secure bank details; and - Service providers related to marketing and advertising to optimize the experience of User and/or Subscriber the website. DEDALIUM requires that the third recipients of the personal data of the User and/or Subscriber undertake to comply with the Rules relating to personal data, but is not responsible for the possible breach of the same by parts of such companies and / or individuals. The third parties mentioned above may only use the personal data transferred in accordance with the instructions provided by DEDALIUM and not for their own use. Duration of data retention DEDALIUM will keep personal data for the duration of the Subscription and after one (1) year. The rights of the people involved According to the legislation applicable to personal data, each User and/or Subscriber has the right to access, rectify, modify and delete any of the data relating to their person. The right of access allows each User to receive a copy of the personal data that DEDALIUM has recompiled and kept. The right of rectification gives each User and/or Subscriber the opportunity to request DEDALIUM to rectify and correct the information corresponding to said person. The right of deletion gives each User and/or Subscriber the right to request DEDALIUM to delete their personal data. To delete their data they can follow the instructions here Regardless of the purpose or the legal basis according to which we process your data, you can at any time and at no cost, send us an email to obtain a summary of your rights and verify what data we have through the following email address: Notwithstanding the foregoing, please note that we cannot always respond positively to your request for legal reasons of which we will inform you, in this case, after receiving your request.


DEDALIUM has adequate security measures to prevent any loss, leakage, use or unauthorized access, as well as any modification or disclosure of personal data. All personal data collected and processed by DEDALIUM is stored on secure servers. DEDALIUM advises all Users and/or Subscribers to log in only on secure networks and to avoid logging in from public Wi-Fi networks.


DEDALIUM is not and will not be considered the publisher of the User and/or Subscriber created content consisting of an electronic, virtual avatar personalized to act and play in a virtual environment. Even in the event of a breach, an error or lack of diligence demonstrated by DEDALIUM, and whatever the reason for which its responsibility is claimed, DEDALIUM will only be responsible to the User and/or Subscriber, as stipulated in these general conditions, by direct damages effectively attributed to said error and / or lack of diligence, the Parties understanding and accepting that DEDALIUM's error must be related to the providence of a services, if provided, considering that creating your own avatar is not a service per se. DEDALIUM will not be responsible for those indirect, subsidiary damages caused to User and/or Subscriber, such as the loss of an opportunity, the loss or damage to the reputation of the company, the loss of benefits or expected savings, the loss of customers, the loss billing, whether such damages are foreseeable in principle and scope. In any case or based on any other legal basis, the maximum total liability between the Parties per calendar / year is limited to the highest amount between (i) 500 euros or (ii) the total fees payable to DEDALIUM by User and/or Subscriber for the contracted services under this Agreement during the preceding full calendar year DEDALIUM will not be responsible for the elimination or suspension of access to an element of the User and/or Subscriber after having received a notification from some Authority. DEDALIUM offers its services 'as is' and 'as available', and therefore does not have to ensure that the services match the needs of the Subscriber. DEDALIUM does not guarantee the absence of errors or defects during the use of the website. In case of receiving a notification of error or default, DEDALIUM is obliged, as far as possible, to rectify it in a reasonable period of time. In addition, DEDALIUM reserves the right, voluntarily, to suspend access to the website to carry out any update, improvement or maintenance operation