What type of game is Dedalium?

Dedalium is a RPG game played on your browser in any webpage through a web browser extension. In a similar way augmented reality puts an overlay on what you see through a camera we create a similar effect for the web that we call Augmented Web. This allows the game to interact with and over the content of the websites you are visiting

When will Dedalium launch?

Dedalium at the moment is on Beta version. The launch date of the final game version is something we are not ready to tell yet but make sure to follow us on our Discord and our social networks to be the first to know. You can at the moment sign up for the Beta through this link

In what browsers is Dedalium available on?

Dedalium is available for Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, Safari and Firefox. You can find the links to all the stores on the bottom of the landing page.

Is there a story in Dedalium?

Yes there is! you can read the beginning of the story here

How Dedalium respects my privacy?

All the browser stores where the dedalium extension is uploaded have reviews of the code uploaded and some have a lot of restrictions for privacy and security. At the moment Dedalium has passed all the audits and is trusted by all the major browsers. In Dedalium we need to trigger actions on the pages you visit but on no occasion we record which page you visited, we encode the url of the page and we check the action in there with an also encoded reference on our database so we can show you the appropiate content on any page without storing your browser history

How is the game played and how will it affect my browsing experience?

The game is intuitive to play and you will just need to configure some parts of it on our website or in the extension popup window, the rest will happen on any other website that you visit, you can see how making it enjoyable without disturbing your navigation on the tips section here

Is Dedalium available for mobile?

Dedalium is available on Safari for iOS and can be downloaded on the apple store. On Android you can download the app on the play store but for the extension the only option available (as the browsers do not allow extensions on mobile) is Firefox Nightly. On the future Dedalium will be available to any browser allowing extensions on mobile